Notices Reply

Whenever an entity or an individual submits an Income Tax return, then the Income Tax department usually verifies the returns filed by the person. If the authorities find out any sort of default or any fabricated facts then, they have the authority to send you the notice with the regards. The notice may be different according to different defaults. It is quite important to provide a reply to notice if received. The authorities provide a stipulated time to submit a reply. However, if the authorities do not receive any reply, then further actions can be taken.

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Notices Reply
Reason for Getting Notice

Reason for Getting Notice

  • Delay in filing IT return
  • Distorting Long Term Capital Gain from the value
  • TDS not matching with Form 26AS
  • Non-disclosure of income
  • Filing defective return
  • Hiding the investments made in the name of spouse
  • Have done high-value transactions
  • Return is picked for scrutiny
  • Setting refunds against remaining tax payables
  • Tax evasion in earlier years

What Documents We Require from you for Filing a Reply?

  • Copy of Income Tax Notice
  • Form 16 from your Company
  • Form 26AS Tax Credit Statement
  • Copy of Tax Challan
  • Supporting Documents (if any)
What Documents We Require from you for Filing a Reply